Catering & Concierge

Haut-Giffre Valley


​Massif Cuisine


Massif Cuisine vous propose des services de traiteur et chef a domicile dans la vallée du

Haut-Giffre depuis 2018. Toujours prête à s'adapter aux besoins des clients, Gaëlle, propriétaire de l'entreprise, a réfléchi à la manière dont elle peut fournir des services de restauration pour l'hiver 2020/2021. Tout en respectant les règles sanitaires.


Massif Cuisine have provided catering services in the Haut-Giffre valley since 2018. 

Always ready to adapt to guest's needs, Gaëlle, owner of the company, has thought about how she can provide catering services for winter 2020/2021, whilst adhering to social distancing measures. 



"A huge thank you from us all for your wonderful presence in our ski chalet. Your cooking and company were such a delight and really made our ski holiday such a lovely experience. Everyone loved your delicious meals and my son, particularly, could not get enough of your fabulous food. You were also really kind to give us advice on the ski area and help my daughter with her spoken French. It really was such a pleasure to meet you.


Good luck with the rest of the season and hope to see you again in the future."


Maria, Chalet Balthazar,

February 2020

"Thank you so much for last night. We had a lovely evening and the food was fantastic. Thanks for all the trouble you went to to accommodate Tom. He really appreciated it and we will certainly be trying a vegan tartiflette. We are so grateful for the way everything was done so professionally. You sorted everything without needing to keep asking. It was a wonderful evening for us to be able to relax with the family."


Jo, Chalet le Clocher,

August 2019